When we started out, our original desire was to regain contact with basic materials, to draw from the sources of nature, and to play on the subtlety of color and the flexibility of material on small pieces of fabric. After our preliminary tests with inks on paper, it soon became apparent that the medium was too rigid and we had to adopt other formats, develop more visually striking motifs, and use water-resistant colors.

In conducting our research, we discovered the tincture of natural pigments and experimented with an initial “kit” of colors. Then all of the evidence fell into place: we had to develop volume, define certain design relationships, and choose an article pleasing in both sight and touch. Thus we created our first pillows.

We could have stopped there, having made some gifts as well as a few sporadic discoveries. But we had found a real pleasure that we then turned into a project: give a certain standing to our prized experiments, build up a series of articles into a kind of corpus, and finally, in 2016, define a brand in its own right: OTTUNO–a name we invented to develop a round and affirming sound.

We intend our approach to be both controlled in its implementation and intuitive in its result–but without claiming any particular tradition. When we created our earliest dyes, we were convinced that it was necessary to continue in this logic: simply do it and let it be.

Today, we maintain the same approach of rigor while leaving a small margin of “uncertainty” for chance.

  • Stéphanie Bédat

    Stéphanie Bédat

    Founder and Associate

    An art historian by training, has worked for more than ten years in the field of contemporary art, involved in exhibition and publication commissions.